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The mission for my shows are aimed to deliver Quality content that is inspirational, thought provoking, encouraging and educational as well as providing valuable tips and support to our listeners. We will ask questions about who you are, where you have been, what are some of your passions, your religious history, when and how you transformed your life, what you are doing now, your trials and tribulations etc…People want to know who you are, they want to feel your personality, not just what you do. They want to walk away feeling empowered as well as encouraged. Our interviews are NOT a sales Pitch Fest. Yes we do talk about what you do, but our main focus is on the contents that you provide that inspires, empowers, and educate others while including what it is that you do. We will give you the opportunity to share your contact information with our listeners as well as include them in our promotions for your show.

We are not here to judge you, embarrass you or look down upon you any king of way, but do be advised that although we are aware of the sensitive matters we bring to the table, we can’t guarantee to be gentle when it comes to religion, gods, saviors and the such. Please know that this is a live call-in show, and we cannot control who calls in and what they will say. We won’t however tolerate or allow any of our callers to intimidate, bad mouth you or say mean and hateful things to you. When and if that would arise, the producers at that time will just simply disconnect the caller. Please consider how you feel about providing certain information before making the decision to submit your guest request.

To be a guest, we ask for the following:

*A short bio .

*A brief description of what you want to discuss on the show or a particular topic you will like to focus on.

*Contact information, website address and any relevant promotional materials, and any other materials that will help the host prepare for the interview. For example, Book (2 copies for Host and Co Producer), CD etc.


Also, please include the Links to your Personal Facebook, Business Facebook, Twitter and Website People want to get a Sense of Who You are beyond Your business.

We want you to be well represented on our show and afterwards.

Upon receiving your information, the Corey Thomas podcast staff will review it for consideration of you being a good fit for our forum. Once it is determined that we would like for you to be a guest, we will contact you by phone and/or e-mail you available date, times and information you’ll need to prepare for the show. Thank you for honoring us with your request, and we look forward to hearing your story.


Call in at the top of the scheduled hour. There is approximately a 10 minute intro including “news” segment, however; if we don’t see your number on the line at the top of the hour, we will immediately change the gear of the show to insure that the broadcast will still continue with quality information for our listeners. Please note that if you do not appear as scheduled, you will not be invited back on our forum.


The Corey Thomas podcasts main office is located in Anaheim, ca and we are on PST Time zone. Our time zone does not change but we are aware that everyone else does. If you are outside of the U.S, then it is your responsibility to find out which time zone you are in and what time can you catch our shows. If you don’t catch them, we encourage you to listen to the archives as often as you wish.


You are asked to commit a total of TWO HOURS:


Each show on the Corey Thomas podcast will be an average of 120 minutes and sometimes we go into over time, but you are not obligated to continue the show beyond the 2 hour committed time.


I will be airing The Corey Thomas podcast June 2016. The live listens are more difficult to track down at times but we will posted via our social media page each broadcast.


Interviews are being loaded on MULTIPLE platforms. we do check our numbers from all of those platforms, however; for us to track for you would be extremely time consuming. We are on Itunes, Soundcloud, Twitter Ect… And we will use Social Media heavily and load the Podcasts of the same show to multiple platforms to get the more eyes and ears.


While yes, we will actively promote your interview, we also ask that you too PROMOTE your own interview to your list, Twitter, and Social Media. After the show is processed, we will provide you with a tweet and a link to the page that has the embedded video, podcast and all of your information on ONE page. You will also be able to find your show right here or on our Twitter page.

The Corey Thomas podcast Network website’s podcast. As a guest, you are also agreeing to allow us to use the interview on our show and for possible article, books, training materials, and any other media. You will be properly credited with links back to you, and will be contacted if your interview is used beyond the standard show and blog post we create with embeds of our video and podcast. With all of that being said,if you are still interested and we will return you back to the submission form.

Thank you and we look forward to perhaps interviewing you on  The Corey Thomas Podcast

Memoirs Part 1

The following selection is everything i remember of my life from beginning to my present state of mind. I am not a professional writer so if there are grammatical errors please feel free to shoot me any insight on what i can do to improve. Again this is not really meant to be grammatically correct but historically accurate. The following is the accounts of my
img_0511 life as i saw it beginning at the age of 4.

The furthest back I can remember is 1984. Inglewood California, I see a wobbly brown synthesizer with a dirty set of tall wood bongos. I walk around this dim lit house and no one is here. The room toward the rear of the house has a television in the center with what seems to be a sort of lounge area. I head to this room, as i exit the room  i am in ; i place my hand on top of the dirty bongo to fulfill my curiosity of the sound  with my fingers. The lounge room has a musty order ,unlike cigarettes and alcohol. Shag carpets grabs my feet as i enter to view the signal less television. I am unable to handle the smell of the room, so i open the rear sliding glass door for some relief. The pool i wish i could swim in but it seems to have not be cleaned for a number of years. I fear if i get too close i will fall in and die. There is no one around, i haven’t seen a toy ,so i decide to go to the structure i have seen my grandfather go in and out of a number of time. Maybe i will have luck there. Nothing but used car and motorcycle parts, not quit certain but everything looks and feels covered in burned motor oil.This area also smells, mostly like an oily mechanics garage.

The only reason i remember the location and the architect of the home is because a few years later pictures began to emerge that where reminiscence of what use to be there. I left this home the summer of 1986 to live with an Aunt and Great grand mother in Dallas Texas. It feels as if I was never born, I sort of woke up to this place that lacked a human presence. The next couple of year, living in this home,  followed a series of smoke and mirrors.Images of The man i know now as my grandfather, then are painted scene of him tackling another man outside of the door of the home i mentioned before. The living room area has a sky blue painted piano with what seems to be bullet holes burned into the keys. The restroom always has dirt in it, and it is extremely uncomfortable to relive myself, wash my face or brush my teeth here. I’m not sure if i have even been bathed in this house or even had a change of clothing.

How did you figure it out? 

My typical day is spent wondering what I would like to do. What can I make a decent living doing that doesn’t involve making someone else’s money. On an average day I am presented with a challenge that completely exhaust my mind when trying to figure out, in what way will this benifit me to know. How will I be able to use this in order to accomplish a goal; as well as not going completely broke. 

No one cares if I go broke or homeless, is the realization I have come to. Most of the people in my circle of associates are barely getting by themselves. The underlying problem with this is selling anything with in my circle has no benefit. So then there’s networking, a tactic in business where ” Creating a group of acquaintances and associates and keeping it active through regular communication for mutual benefit. Networking is based on the question “How can I help?” and not with “What can I get?” 

No one seems to want any help. If I continue to tell people, some for whom I’ve never met; how can I help you or your establishment and I continiosly get faced with rejection; why should I not throw in the towel. My sadness perpetuates, I am constantly battling the new world. I am not a victim of society but of circumstances. The condition is lack of comprehension and competency. 

Unable to understand right away so I am left behind; catching up hinders my ability to be efficient. So I’m not a “quick learner”, I am coachable . I love to keep busy , once I have mastered the process. Why did the world speed up? The only thing that should move so fast are drag racers and medical personnel . My coffee can wait, so can yours. Running late for work you say, are you a surgeon?  

Do executives suffer from ADHD? How did you figure out , no, why is it necessary to cut production time in half? I drag my feet as much as possible. I don’t like to be rushed, the problem is I’m chess and your football. I’m calm, calculated and offensive. I’m four to many steps ahead and youre rushing the pass on the first down of the first quarter. 

How did you figure out this is what I wanted? I don’t believe I took a survey on whether I wanted a hot sloppy burger in .02 seconds or a hot well balanced grass feed angus beef burger with thousand island ,dressing romaine lettuce and organic cherry tomatoes ;with a side of oven baked sweet potatoe wedges. 

Don’t Fucking rush me!

Six months and still no job. No interviewer had deemed me worthy! Fuck you!
Eight dollars an hour! Fuck you
I have mouths to feed !
I wish I were still at kmart, to say fuck you, you and you;you fake non assisting self absorbed teenage assholes. I should burn you all alive.
My therapy isn’t working. I hate my thoughts.
I would like to torch everyone in the building except my wife and kids.
I’m going to be a daddy again soon! I can’t find a place that will hire me that I may actually want to be!
To many Mexicans. I’m beginning to not like you bastards.
I want to find a job at a warehouse full of them and tell those fast working sons of bitches to fucking go to hell!
Don’t fucking rush me !
I’m not a fucking carpenter! I didn’t start working at five you piece of dirty shit
Don’t you have a baby to make or a lowrider to drive you fat taco eating son of a bitch!
I didn’t fucking want to learn how to speak Spanish !
I don’t want to lift boxes or build pallets!
I do not want to clean or wax floors!
I do not want to measure a fuckin wall
I don’t want to sell any thing or buy anything
I want to sit on my ass and charge you for wasting my fucking time!
I don’t want to advertise or promote
I don’t want to follow you around or meet you anywhere
I don’t want to know you or like you
I don’t need to remember you or keep track of what you represent!
I hate most people, I look at them and see nothing worth wanting to know.