Memoirs Part 1

The following selection is everything i remember of my life from beginning to my present state of mind. I am not a professional writer so if there are grammatical errors please feel free to shoot me any insight on what i can do to improve. Again this is not really meant to be grammatically correct but historically accurate. The following is the accounts of my
img_0511 life as i saw it beginning at the age of 4.

The furthest back I can remember is 1984. Inglewood California, I see a wobbly brown synthesizer with a dirty set of tall wood bongos. I walk around this dim lit house and no one is here. The room toward the rear of the house has a television in the center with what seems to be a sort of lounge area. I head to this room, as i exit the room  i am in ; i place my hand on top of the dirty bongo to fulfill my curiosity of the sound  with my fingers. The lounge room has a musty order ,unlike cigarettes and alcohol. Shag carpets grabs my feet as i enter to view the signal less television. I am unable to handle the smell of the room, so i open the rear sliding glass door for some relief. The pool i wish i could swim in but it seems to have not be cleaned for a number of years. I fear if i get too close i will fall in and die. There is no one around, i haven’t seen a toy ,so i decide to go to the structure i have seen my grandfather go in and out of a number of time. Maybe i will have luck there. Nothing but used car and motorcycle parts, not quit certain but everything looks and feels covered in burned motor oil.This area also smells, mostly like an oily mechanics garage.

The only reason i remember the location and the architect of the home is because a few years later pictures began to emerge that where reminiscence of what use to be there. I left this home the summer of 1986 to live with an Aunt and Great grand mother in Dallas Texas. It feels as if I was never born, I sort of woke up to this place that lacked a human presence. The next couple of year, living in this home,  followed a series of smoke and mirrors.Images of The man i know now as my grandfather, then are painted scene of him tackling another man outside of the door of the home i mentioned before. The living room area has a sky blue painted piano with what seems to be bullet holes burned into the keys. The restroom always has dirt in it, and it is extremely uncomfortable to relive myself, wash my face or brush my teeth here. I’m not sure if i have even been bathed in this house or even had a change of clothing.