How did you figure it out? 

My typical day is spent wondering what I would like to do. What can I make a decent living doing that doesn’t involve making someone else’s money. On an average day I am presented with a challenge that completely exhaust my mind when trying to figure out, in what way will this benifit me to know. How will I be able to use this in order to accomplish a goal; as well as not going completely broke. 

No one cares if I go broke or homeless, is the realization I have come to. Most of the people in my circle of associates are barely getting by themselves. The underlying problem with this is selling anything with in my circle has no benefit. So then there’s networking, a tactic in business where ” Creating a group of acquaintances and associates and keeping it active through regular communication for mutual benefit. Networking is based on the question “How can I help?” and not with “What can I get?” 

No one seems to want any help. If I continue to tell people, some for whom I’ve never met; how can I help you or your establishment and I continiosly get faced with rejection; why should I not throw in the towel. My sadness perpetuates, I am constantly battling the new world. I am not a victim of society but of circumstances. The condition is lack of comprehension and competency. 

Unable to understand right away so I am left behind; catching up hinders my ability to be efficient. So I’m not a “quick learner”, I am coachable . I love to keep busy , once I have mastered the process. Why did the world speed up? The only thing that should move so fast are drag racers and medical personnel . My coffee can wait, so can yours. Running late for work you say, are you a surgeon?  

Do executives suffer from ADHD? How did you figure out , no, why is it necessary to cut production time in half? I drag my feet as much as possible. I don’t like to be rushed, the problem is I’m chess and your football. I’m calm, calculated and offensive. I’m four to many steps ahead and youre rushing the pass on the first down of the first quarter. 

How did you figure out this is what I wanted? I don’t believe I took a survey on whether I wanted a hot sloppy burger in .02 seconds or a hot well balanced grass feed angus beef burger with thousand island ,dressing romaine lettuce and organic cherry tomatoes ;with a side of oven baked sweet potatoe wedges.