Don’t Fucking rush me!

Six months and still no job. No interviewer had deemed me worthy! Fuck you!
Eight dollars an hour! Fuck you
I have mouths to feed !
I wish I were still at kmart, to say fuck you, you and you;you fake non assisting self absorbed teenage assholes. I should burn you all alive.
My therapy isn’t working. I hate my thoughts.
I would like to torch everyone in the building except my wife and kids.
I’m going to be a daddy again soon! I can’t find a place that will hire me that I may actually want to be!
To many Mexicans. I’m beginning to not like you bastards.
I want to find a job at a warehouse full of them and tell those fast working sons of bitches to fucking go to hell!
Don’t fucking rush me !
I’m not a fucking carpenter! I didn’t start working at five you piece of dirty shit
Don’t you have a baby to make or a lowrider to drive you fat taco eating son of a bitch!
I didn’t fucking want to learn how to speak Spanish !
I don’t want to lift boxes or build pallets!
I do not want to clean or wax floors!
I do not want to measure a fuckin wall
I don’t want to sell any thing or buy anything
I want to sit on my ass and charge you for wasting my fucking time!
I don’t want to advertise or promote
I don’t want to follow you around or meet you anywhere
I don’t want to know you or like you
I don’t need to remember you or keep track of what you represent!
I hate most people, I look at them and see nothing worth wanting to know.