Haven’t been able to ..,

I have never blogged, so here goes nothing . Who ever reads this go easy on the critiquing, you either like it or leave it alone.
I have no inherent want to be apart of your society western or eastern. I am what I am not by choice. My father was a pedophile pimp and my mother is a crack whore. I was raised by a tired child of a slave that had pretty much given up on the generation that would proceed her. I have no idea how I got here. I spend most of my day scared to move from where ever I slept the night before and not wanting to interact with the day prior. I’ve felt suicidal but I hate the fact I would leave a burial debt on the few members that remain of my broken family. I heard a rap song and in it I took pride I feeling connected in a line that states, ” I have an appetite for failure”. I wonder if others have thought that or had the same connection to that statement as I did. I have never been competitive. I think that’s one reason I will never become successful enough to escape a lifestyle of poverty.
I decided create this blog because I hear it a lot on the streets. People greeting rich somehow from blogging. I saved up some cans and lied to get money and picked pennies off of the ground and bought this phone so that I could digitalize what my brain had in it. I must admit it isn’t much . I never understood why the things I understand when presented to me at my pace of learning I could never apply in real life . I believed I once had common sense. Now I’m struggling to understand what’s common.
I’ll wrap this up with , I would like tomorrow to be better than today. I haven’t been able too retain information for long amounts of time . Maybe this will change.